The 20 Hottest Wedding Cake Trends That Will Rock 2017

These days wedding cake designs are so diverse and intricate. Brides are free to choose any wedding cake style and theme, without having to stick with tradition or any other limitations. Ready to explore the freshest frosted ideas? Let’s take a look at the hottest wedding cake trends for 2017 with 20 unique and fantastic ideas to cake-spire the style of your upcoming wedding reception…

1. Geode wedding cakes

One of the newest dessert design trends that looks astonishingly fabulous on tiered wedding cakes. Mimicking nature, geode wedding cakes are made by carving off parts of cake tiers and then decorating the cavity with crystallized sugars of various sizes and textures. Truly breathtaking!

2. Mirror glaze cakes

Another fresh, shiny and new wedding cake trend. Mirror glaze cakes are true works of art, and they are becoming more and more popular. They are made using gelatin and condensed milk.

3. Art deco wedding cakes

These glamorous cakes will still be popular in 2017. Their fabulous, geometric look with bold black, gold and feathery décor is just too dazzling to fade away so quickly.

4. Marbled wedding cakes

These cakes are ideal for a modern and chic wedding reception. They are made using white fondant marbleized with icing color or mixed with another subtle shade of fondant for a delicate yet fabulous finish.

5. Color drip cakes

Drippy ‘crowns’ have been making their way onto wedding cakes for several years now. Their shiny color drips will definitely make your guests’ mouths water. These decadent cakes can be colored in fondant, dirty iced, soft iced or even left naked and then finished with a layer of dripping ganache, caramel or chocolate.

6. Hand-painted (and watercolor) cakes

Hand-painted patterns are the ideal way to personalize your wedding cake masterpiece. Sophisticated flowers, ombre watercolors, elegant silhouettes, monograms and even modern paintings can be hand-created on your unique wedding cake.

7. Mouldings and frames

Being a natural progression from the metallic effect, these beautiful decoration elements will definitely be huge in 2017. Stunning moulded embellishments in (rose) gold, silver and bronze are very much loved by most modern brides. Mouldings are frequently used to create a gorgeous gold frame around a monogram. A truly beautiful mixture of two huge trends in one beautiful cake!

8. Naked and semi-naked cakes

This rustic trend will continue to be hot in 2017. Semi-naked cakes evolved from naked cakes and are similar in décor, except that semi-naked cakes are covered in thin layer of buttercream that creates visible layers of sponge with sharp finish.

9. Boho, wooden, rustic

All these words are used to describe trendy wedding cakes created to look beautifully natural, with organic floral deigns and woodgrain décor. They are ideal for rustic boho style wedding receptions.

10. Whimsical cakes

A lot of our customers think outside the box when choosing their wedding cake designs. And we absolutely adore it! If you love everything topsy turvy and unique, you will love the idea of ordering a whimsical wedding cake. One of the most popular whimsical design ideas is Alice in Wonderland wedding cake.

11. Geometric cakes

The demand of geometric cakes is still going strong. From hexagons, triangles, squares, exquisite mosaics and ornaments, these patterns are perfect for the fashion-forward bride who wants a clean, modern and edgy look.

12. Tall wedding cakes

Multi-tiered cakes are still in style. In fact, some brides order really huge cakes with big beautiful toppers. These cakes are usually adorned with beautiful floral cascades, ruffles, metallic accents and edible jewelry.

13. Metallic cakes

Metallic accents make any wedding cake more extravagant. If you’re planning to incorporate (rose) gold or silver into your wedding color scheme, don’t forget to ask your cake designer to add a touch of gorgeous metallics to the sweet masterpiece.

14. Dessert tables

Sometimes one wedding cake is not enough. That’s why many brides additionally order cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, éclairs and brownies; all fitting a central wedding theme. At CupCakeryNYC we predict that in 2017 the demand for themed dessert tables will continue to rise.

15. Strawberry towers

If you’re not a cake person, just order a strawberry tower for your wedding reception. These dessert arrangements are absolutely beautiful and exclusive. Created with fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate, a strawberry tower can match almost any wedding theme and color palette. Strawberry towers can be additionally decorated with beautiful roses, pearls or sprinkles.

16. Croquembouche

These cakes are made with profiteroles piled high in a conical structure. They are traditional at French weddings. Created by our talented pastry chefs, your Croquembouche can include a unique selection of delectables: choux puffs, macarons, éclairs, doughnuts and even mini ice cream cones…

17. Edible lace & flowers

A lot of brides choose to decorate their cakes with lace detailing to match their wedding dresses. These cakes look really elegant. Just like lace, florals and bold colors will continue to be in style in 2017.

18. Macaron towers

One of the trendiest alternatives to a wedding cake. If you’re planning to stick with a dessert table instead of a tall wedding cake, including a macaron tower is a great solution.

19. Small cake, big topper (monogram)

Smaller cakes will continue to be hot in 2017. Just add an oversized topper to your small wedding cake (can be a monogram), and get the design to a whole new level of creative.

20. Donut cakes

Non-traditional desserts will continue to take weddings by storm in 2017. Stacked tiers of donuts, éclairs or macarons can make great alternatives to traditional wedding cakes.

From cake creations that tell your love story, to featuring your favorite movie/comic book characters, your wedding cake is a great way to express your couple’s personality or share your current craze with your guests. Ready to choose your own major wedding cake design? We’ll be happy to assist you at CupCakeryNYC!