7 lovely wedding cake alternatives

Extravagant multi-tiered wedding cakes will always have their place at some receptions. However, these days many couples choose alternative treats to serve their guests. Cupcakes, macaron towers, petit fours, cake pops and cake balls are just a few fancy cake alternatives rocking the American wedding scene.

wedding cake alternative ideas

Not a huge fan of traditional wedding cakes? Serve up one of these 7 healthy, delicious and creative wedding cake alternatives at your party:

  • cupcakes: the best option for picky guests since you can mix and match a wide range of flavors; alternatively, you can order a cupcake tower with a small cake on the top tier
  • cake pops: these lovely bite-size moist treats are easily customizable to match your wedding color and theme; they are delicious and don’t require a fork or plate
  • macarons: these trendy French desserts add sophistication to your reception; you can choose almond, pistachio, passion fruit, mango and many other delicious flavors…
  • pies: if you’ve been bitten by the rustic bug, ordering a pie buffet is a very cost-effective and delicious wedding cake alternative idea
  • doughnuts: these dressed up fried bites are about to surpass cutesy cupcake as the hottest wedding cake alternative
  • petit fours: ask your baker to top them with sugar flowers for an extravagant look
  • wedding dress and tuxedo cookies: baked and decorated by the CupCakery Team, these delectable desserts are as delicious as they are beautiful
wedding cake alternatives

The miniature trend also implies whoopee pies. Order them with the trendy red velvet flavor. Yummy! You can also order gourmet ice cream for a truly incredible treat. Or splurge on a dessert bar that will let you and your guests enjoy a little bit of everything. Another alternative to a wedding cake is a candy table with your favorite desserts and flavors.

10 alternatives to a traditional wedding cake

What we love about modern weddings is how each and every element of the ceremony and the reception let the personality of the bride and groom shine through. If a classic and romantic wedding cake doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’re free to opt for an alternative.

alternatives to wedding cake

Here are 10 extraordinary, surprisingly simple, reasonably priced, and most of all unusual traditional wedding cake alternatives:

  • ice cream cake
  • strawberry tower
  • wedding pie tower
  • naked wedding cake
  • Pavlova wedding cake
  • Croquembouche
  • cheese wedding cake
  • Oreo cookie tower
  • chocolate brownie tower
  • cake ball cake

Traditional wedding cakes are beautiful and delicious. But they are no longer your only option. For more details on wedding cake alternatives please read our blog.