Order Bentley cakes online

Welcome to CupCakery, where providing top notch service and value for your needs is our number one priority. Here you can buy Bentley cakes online from the comfort of your own office or even your bed! Our cake design book has a wide variety of styles to inspire you and give you ideas. Our exclusively crafted and decorated treats delight all our customers!

We’ll be so excited to create a gorgeous Bentley-themed personalized cake for you! Most frequently our clients inquire about:

Bentley birthday cakes: design ideas and decoration

We offer our customers the following Bentley cake design ideas:

  • Bentley Continental GT cake
  • Bentley edible image cake
  • Bentley-themed multi-tiered cake
  • Bentley convertible in 3D cake form
  • and many other designs

Our Bentley cakes make perfect:

Bentley logo cupcakes, cake pops, cookies & macarons

Aide from the gorgeous Bentley car cakes, at our pastry studio you can also buy online:

  • Bentley logo cupcakes
  • Bentley-shaped cookies
  • Bentley-inspired cake pops
  • even Bentley-themed macarons

‘Best. Cakes. Ever.’ That’s what you’ll hear when you ask most our clients about our work… At CupCakery we are happy to make your memories sweeter!