Buy divorce cakes online

Delicious, funny and sometimes even hilarious… Our ‘happy divorce’ cakes are great mood lifters for everyone who orders and tries them! You can buy divorce cakes online at our website and order delivery or visit our bakery in New York to discuss your order in person. Fondant teeny penises, severed ex heads, buried sugar rings… Freedom never tasted so good!

Here are some of the ideas for your divorce cake from our customers:

  • bloody divorce cakes for those craving sweet revenge…
  • unique cake with tombstones for your ex: if you’re still angry, that is
  • ball and chain free-at-last cakes to celebrate your new-found freedom
  • simple cake with a funny message: something like ‘I do. I did. I’m done’ or ‘Happily never after’ etc.
  • and many more funny divorce cake ideas and images

Divorce party cupcakes, cake pops, cookies & macarons

Along with some of the best divorce party cakes in New York, at our dessert studio you can order online:

  • divorce cupcakes
  • divorce-themed cookies
  • divorce cake pops
  • ‘just divorced’ custom petit fours
  • along with divorce-themed macarons

The marriage may be over, but the show must go on… So just order a divorce cake for your friend and see them lighten up!