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Are you looking for a great gift to buy for your man? Our dessert studio is famous for producing unique designer cakes in New York City. Any gift that’s too expensive for you (a supermodern device, a fancy car, or even a house) can become a cake. This fantastic and very delicious present will also be affordable!

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At CupCakery we provide cake delivery throughout the city and nearby locations. We will help you send your dessert as a gift adding a personal message, candles and even flowers if necessary. Any cake from our online gallery can be customized to match the man you’re choosing the gift for.

Here are some of the latest cakes ordered for men’s birthday at our bakery:

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Although they say that guys are not very much into sweet treats, any man will definitely love a personalized, unique present made exclusively for him… At CupCakery you will discover thousands of super creative, almost unique and 100% inexpensive gift ideas for a man’s birthday and any other ‘male’ occasion.