Feather wedding cakes to order online

If you like delicate wedding cakes with feather décor, you’re welcome to take a closer look at our feather-inspired dessert designs. At CupCakery we have feather wedding cakes for sale along with many other types of desserts. Most frequently our clients order vintage wedding cakes with ostrich feathers, although a lot of other feather decoration ideas are also in-demand…

Aside from feather-themed wedding cakes, our pastry chefs regularly create:

Feather cake design ideas and decoration: white, black, ostrich…

Below we’ve listed some of our clients’ top favorite feather cake design ideas:

  • black feather cake
  • white feather cake
  • ostrich feather cake
  • peacock feather cake
  • topsy turvy feather cake
  • gold feather cake etc.

Feather cupcakes, cake pops, cookies & macarons

Aside from feather-themed custom made cakes, at CupCakery we also have for sale:

Fancy our feather cake designs? Don’t hesitate to place your order now!