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Circus-themed cakes and cookies

Circus-inspired cakes can be cute and innovative. These designs are absolute favorites of some of our customers’ kids. Looking for a circus-themed cake? Read on…

Surfing-themed cakes and confections

Need a surfer cake for your upcoming themed party? Great! We’ll be happy to hand-deliver our super cool (and super delicious!) surfboard cakes and desserts straight to your address in New York!

Toddler birthday cakes

Are you looking for the best toddler birthday cake ever? Bright and colorful, healthy and delicious… We will make a great cake for your toddler and deliver it anywhere in NYC!

Best bakery in New York City

Our customers often describe us as ‘one of the best bakeries in New York City’ when recommending us to their friends. We’re so grateful for that! We’re always inspired to improve our skills and services for you!

Rich & moist chocolate truffle cake

Decadent and super delicious, our signature Truffle cake is great for any occasion. We also make truffle cupcakes, cake pops and chocolate truffle cookies. Choose what you like and order!

Cartoon character cakes

Most kids adore cartoon-themed cakes with their favorite character toppers. These cakes will make perfect birthday gifts for your lil cartoon fans!

Superhero-themed cakes

Let your kid spend his birthday with some of the coolest superheroes in the world! Order our delicious and super realistic superhero-themed cakes. Make your birthday boy happy!

Tennis ball cupcakes & ping pong cakes

Need a gift idea for a special tennis lover in your life? Our tennis-themed cakes and ping-pong-inspired desserts make great presents. Cute and 100% delicious!

Baby block cakes & cupcakes

This cake design is perfect for a baby shower or a kid’s first birthday party. Order baby block cakes at our dessert store and get the best delectables in NYC!

Onesie cakes, cupcakes & cookies

What can be better than an Onesie cake for your baby shower party? Onesie-themed buffet table with lots of lovely desserts and colorful balloons!

Round cakes for your stylish events

Fondant or buttercream, hand-painted or with edible pictures, classic or topsy turvy… Our round cake designs and decoration ideas are never dull. Yet ALL our creations are always equally delish!

Shoe cakes & high heel cupcakes

Looking for awe-inspiring shoe-cakes and desserts with high heel toppers? Great! At CupCakry we make various kinds of shoe-themed desserts. Just give us a phone call and…

Bowling-themed cakes and desserts

At CupCakery we make bowling-themed confections of various types, with any flavor… Create special memories for the ones you love by ordering them our delicious 3D cakes!

Baby bootie cakes and cupcakes

Another great dessert idea for your baby shower party is a custom decorated baby bootie cake from CupCakery. We make lovely desserts in the shapes of baby booties or with baby bootie toppers.

Pink elephant cakes for all occasions

Still looking for that special pink elephant cake? Look no further than our dessert studio. Here we make fantastic cake creations with elephants in décor…

Hilarious divorce cakes

Nothing says ‘I’m over you’ more than a hilarious cake! Browse our divorce-themed cakes and celebrate your new-found freedom in a delicious way!

Two peas in a pod cake

These cakes are ordered for baby parties and even for wedding receptions. We also make peas in a pod cupcakes, cookies and other decorated desserts. Green and yum!

Zombie-themed cakes and cupcakes

Need a spooky and yummy cake for the upcoming Halloween party? Order Zombie cakes at our dessert studio! Fun and scary delish!

Elegant ballet-themed cakes

Make your little ballerina happy by ordering a truly magical cake for her. We also make ballet-themed cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and macarons.

Haunted house cakes

Looking for a cake that will make a great centerpiece to your Halloween party? Opt for custom haunted house cakes created by our pastry chefs. They’re awe-inspiring and so delish!

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