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Summer inspired wedding cakes

If you’re looking for a beautiful summer wedding cake or just need some sweet inspiration for your future wedding reception, you’re welcome to read this blog post.

Ice cream cone cupcakes

Adorable and delicious, whimsical and creative… Our ice cream cone cupcakes will compliment any cake. They aren't just food but pieces of art…

Autumn wedding cakes and flavors

There are so many creative ways to decorate an autumn themed cake! Check out our gallery items to find the right type of cake-spiration and your favorite cake designs!

Winter wonderland wedding cakes, cupcakes and flavors

White chocolate snowflakes, fondant snowmen and cute penguins… These and much more elements can adorn your beautiful winter themed confection.

Topsy turvy cakes and confections

Because of their shape, these masterpieces of culinary art flaunt one the most unusual designs. They’re a great choice for wedding couples who love everything extraordinary.

Unusual wedding cakes and cupcakes

Decorated with exotic flowers and fruit, topped with creative figurines, prepared using unique recipes and flavor combinations… It’s all about our unusual cakes and confections.

Marsala wedding cakes

Delicious, trendy and so very gorgeous... Marsala wedding cakes are all the rage this year. If this color inspires you just like it inspires our cake designers, we’re waiting for your call…

Where to order vanilla cakes in New York?

We create amazing vanilla cakes and confections. Whether a birthday party or a corporate celebration, your family and colleagues will be absolutely thrilled!

Gorgeous cupcakes for all occasions

Looking for personalized cupcakes for your occasion? At CupCakery we create lovely cupcakes for weddings, birthdays, corporate parties… Choose any design your like!

Cakes and confections with chevron pattern

This unusual pattern adds a modern touch to each and every cake. Chevron designs are great for wedding cakes, birthday cupcakes and even corporate cake pops… What’s your favorite design?

Pink wedding cakes and confections

Pink is the color of romance, love, beauty and happiness. It’s perfect for wedding receptions with traditional, rustic or chic flavor. Your pink wedding cake will be the talk of the party…

Best wedding cakes in New York

Useful expert tips on ordering great wedding cakes and desserts online in New York. Looking for custom delectables for your wedding reception? You’ve already found everything you need!

Luxury wedding cakes: order and delivery

Our pastry chefs can create unique wedding cakes that stun everyone at the reception. Check out our luxury desserts; they are delicious and one-of-a-kind.

Gothic wedding cakes and desserts

Although these types of wedding cakes are dark and even sometimes scary, they are no less extraordinary than our other confections. Our gothic wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops are BOOtiful!

Cake delivery in Manhattan

Are you looking for some of the most delicious custom cakes with delivery to Manhattan? CupCakery is your best choice! Browse our gallery and call us now!

Wedding cakes in Brooklyn: delivery

Brooklyn is one of the areas where we deliver our beautiful custom cakes and confections. Need a wedding cake in Brooklyn? Looking for birthday cupcakes or corporate cookies with logo? Call us now!

Custom birthday cakes in Queens NY

Custom cake delivery within Queens is one of our sweet services. So if you need a cake or any other dessert with delivery to Queens, NY, don’t hesitate to contact CupCakery!

Custom cake & cupcake delivery: Long Island

Traditional and contemporary design ideas, your favorite flavor combinations and the highest quality ingredients… It’s all about CupCakery and the desserts we create for you with delivery to Long Island!

Custom cake delivery in Bronx

Need a cake for your upcoming celebration? We create cakes and confections for all occasions with delivery to Bronx. Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, macarons and many other types of super delicious desserts…

Gorgeous wedding cakes

Stylish, glamorous, creative, adventurous, dazzling and so delicious… Have a look at our gorgeous cake designs and find the perfect confection for your event!

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