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Ivory wedding cakes

An ivory wedding cake is a classic option that will always be in vogue. At our dessert boutique we also offer beautifully decorated ivory cupcakes, ivory cake pops and ivory cookies with fondant toppers.

Tangerine wedding cakes and cupcakes

Tangerine delectables are gorgeous and so very vibrant! They’ll look amazing on your orange-hued dessert table while tasting surprisingly home-made!

Best custom cakes in NYC

Creating custom cakes is not so easy. It takes talent and a lot of hard work. By ordering customized cakes at our dessert boutique, you can be sure that you’ll always get the best treat!

Wedding cakes and cupcakes with flowers

Desserts decorated with fondant or fresh flowers look fabulous. There are thousands of floral cake designs and decoration ideas. Just choose your favorite one and call us!

Perfume bottle shaped cakes and cupcake toppers

If you’re in search of a great and inexpensive gift for your mom, female friend or colleague, opt for a perfume bottle shaped cake. It’ll surely wow the birthday girl making the event memorable and fun!

Haute couture fashion inspired cakes and desserts

At CupCakery we hand-craft fashion-inspired cakes and confections that are always stylish and delectable. Our customers’ most popular choices are our designer handbag cakes and shoe cakes.

Yummy muffins for all occasions

Looking for an adorable and affordable gift for that special someone? Send them our custom decorated muffins with a personal message. It’s such a delicious way to say ‘I love you’!

Tiffany box cakes, cookies and cupcakes

Stylish, elegant and so very delicious… Our Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired desserts are hand-crafted, fresh to order and 100 % customizable!

Custom wedding cheesecakes

We make wedding cheesecakes, cheesecake cupcakes, cheesecake flavored cookies and macarons. CupCakery is your cheesecake paradise!

Custom petit fours for your dessert table

If you consider ordering mini desserts for your upcoming celebration, opt for petit fours. These lovely glazed mini cakes are ultra delicious and absolutely adorable!

Gourmet pies in New York City

If you’d like to amaze and delight the guests at your celebration with a truly memorable treat, order homemade cakes at our online dessert store. We offer innovative flavors and re-imagined classic pie tastes!

Blueberry cakes and cupcakes

Our sugar masters create heavenly blueberry desserts no one can resist. Moist and flavorful, beautiful and allergy-friendly… We know how to make amazing blueberry cakes!

Hand painted wedding cakes

We love adding entirely new skills to our dessert decorating repertoire. At CupCakery we can customize your cake masterpiece with paint. Looks amazing and tastes brilliant as usual!

Yummy banana cakes and banana cupcakes

We are renowned for creating truly beautiful and delicious banana cakes and desserts in New York. Order your banana desserts at CupCakery today!

Wheat free cakes and cupcakes

At CupCakery we create wheat-free confections with any décor and using multiple decoration ideas. For more information on delivery and pricing, please call us today!

Burgundy wedding cakes

Desserts with burgundy décor look truly magical. When ordering your burgundy wedding cake, make sure that it matches well with your reception décor and color palette.

Ginger spice cakes and cupcakes for sale

Ginger spice desserts are exceptionally delicious. And they can be beautiful, too. If you order them from talented dessert decorators, that is...

Hand sculpted wedding cakes

What can be better than a gorgeous sculpted cake that will reflect your mood and emphasize your sense of style? Only a one-of-a-kind sculpted cake from our dessert studio!

Order novelty cakes online with delivery

Looking for novelty cakes and confections for your upcoming celebration? With your ideas and our talent, we’re sure to make your sweet treat 100% unique!

Order mini cakes online

Mini desserts are so adorable. And they’re also comfortable to eat. Made by our professional pastry chefs, your mini cakes will wow everyone at your party!

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