Tennis-themed cupcakes & ping pong cakes

If you’re looking for custom tennis cakes or ping pong themed cakes, we’re here to provide you with some of the best sweet creations in New York. We specialize in custom cakes and confections of all types. Our Team of talented bakers, dessert designers and decorators make scrumptious cakes for all occasions. Here you can buy tennis cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other events.

We offer our customers:

  • exclusive cake designs
  • impressive assortment of delish flavors
  • unparalleled customer service
  • smooth & swift cake delivery in New York

Wimbledon tennis cake design ideas & decoration: rackets, balls, court…

We have some tennis cake design ideas and decoration patterns you might find interesting. Here are our customers’ top favorite designs:

Tennis ball cupcakes, cake pops, cookies & macarons for sale

Aside from tennis cakes, at CupCakery you can also order online:

  • tennis ball cupcakes
  • tennis racket cake pops
  • tennis cookies with various designs
  • tennis-themed macarons
  • tennis Happy Birthday petit fours etc.

Ordering our tennis-themed treats is a perfect way to celebrate a tennis fan’s birthday or any other special occasion. Our cakes are visually stunning, allergy-friendly and very delicious. Make sure you drop by to meet our Team in person. If you’re way too busy for this, just place your order online now! We have tons of delicious cakes and cupcakes for sale!