Christening macarons for boys and girls

Lovely and adorable Christening macarons can be ordered at our factory of delish confections. Hand-painted, swirly, with lace, pearl-incrusted, simplistic pink or blue… Our Baptism-inspired macaron designs vary in many ways. So as the flavors. You can choose your favorite taste for the macarons you order or ask us to adapt the recipes we provide.

Below you will find the top list of our customers’ favorite Christening macaron flavors:

Along with Christening macarons, we also have available for sale:

Traditionally, our Christening macarons for boys are blue, while our Baptism-themed macarons for girls are pinkish. If you need macaron desserts for twins, we will make creative treats for your dessert table! All our sweet treats are made to order using premium ingredients. They’re always fresh and can be delivered right to your door in NYC.