Denim cakes to order online

Looking to order a denim effect cake online with delivery in New York? We’ll gladly assist! At CupCakeryNYC we make gorgeous cakes and bite size treats from scratch caringly decorating them to match our customers’ most sophisticated preferences. Just complete this online form to place your order or give us a call to ask your questions about our services.


Most frequently our customers order denim cakes for the following occasions:

  • teenage birthdays
  • corporate events
  • wedding receptions
  • themed anniversaries

Denim effect and color cake ideas

Here are our favorite denim effect cake designs:

Blue jeans cupcakes, cake pops and cookies

Along with the beautiful textured denim cakes, we also have for sale:

  • blue jeans cupcakes
  • denim cake pops
  • jeans effect cookies
  • even custom macarons with denim effect…

At CupCakeryNYC we use whole, real ingredients in our desserts. We make our delectables from scratch, right here at our bakery in New York, fresh to your order.