Football-themed cake pops

Our skilled dessert artists make victorious football-themed cake pops and birthday cake balls. If it’s just what you’ve been searching for, you’re welcome to order your sweet portion of these lovely desserts at our bakery. Make sure you let us know about your allergies if there are any. We have football cake pops for sale available in a wide array of tastes.

Our customers adore our:

What's your favorite taste? We will definitely ask you this question when discussing your order. What about the design of your football cake pops? We have more than one suggestion for you:

  • football shirt cake pops
  • football player face cake pops
  • football boot cake pops
  • football team logo cake pops

If you’re planning a huge football-themed party, you might want to consider ordering a 3D cake along with themed bite-sized confections. We will help you set up a gorgeous dessert table for that special football fan (or football player) in your life. Our professional bakers and dessert decorators will carry your cake pop design version even further, getting it closer to perfection!