Forbes or Vogue magazine cake

Amaze someone by ordering a magazine-shaped cake gift for them! And don’t forget to ask your cake designer to place the birthday person’s edible picture on the cake! It’s possible these days, it looks very realistic and tastes really good! At CupCakery you can order Vogue magazine cake online with the picture of your special fashionista on it.

If you’re in search of an appropriate and affordable gift to buy for a colleague or a friend, consider opting for a Forbes magazine birthday cake. Just like the Vogue cake, this dessert masterpiece created by our pastry chefs will be gorgeous, very delicious and 100% unique (with the photo of the birthday person on the cover and the message of your choice).

Along with Vogue and Forbes cakes, at our dessert studio you can order online:

Available items are not limited to our dessert gallery. We can create a unique cake based on your own ideas and preferences only. When baking and decorating desserts, we make the most of our keen attention to detail. Our mission is to make cakes that are perfect for you in every way. Get in touch with us today to order your Vogue or Forbes cover cake for that special birthday person!