Gardenia wedding cakes and cupcakes

Gardenias symbolize love – secret love. If you secretly like someone, bring them symbolically beautiful gardenias. These flowers are gorgeous. They look right at home at a stylish wedding cake due to their delicacy and snow-white color. At CupCakery you can buy a perfect custom gardenia wedding cake.

You can add cupcakes with flowers to the cake, and we’ll eagerly help you. If you’re looking for a show-stopping cake decoration idea, gardenias are the way to go. All our delectables are customizable. Just tell us what you prefer and we’ll create it for your occasion.

No time to bake a cake? Feel free to order a wedding cake online at our website. We’ve listed some on-trend gardenia wedding cake options our customers often choose:

Every bride wants to have a uniquely designed dessert at her reception. Our cake designers and pastry chefs can create a gardenia inspired cake exclusively for you. We’ll sketch out a dessert for any occasion you’re anticipating. If you have your own magical sweet ideas, share them with us. For a non-traditional event our cake experts can create gardenia cupcakes.

Gardenia birthday cake pops and gardenia cookies

Flower fans often buy birthday cakes in New York with gardenia embellishments because this flower looks great on sweet delights of so many styles, shapes and sizes. At CupCakery we offer you a wide variety of delicious treats along with traditional cakes.

Some of the most popular mini treats with gardenia flowers are:

  • gardenia cupcakes
  • gardenia cookies
  • gardenia cake pops
  • and even macarons decorated with mini gardenias

Are you fond of natural flowers? We’ll adorn your dessert with freshly picked gardenias. Feel free to contact our managers to ask all your questions about décor, prices or delivery details. We’ll be thrilled to offer you gardenia birthday cake pops and cookies that will make your party grandiose!