Haunted house cakes for sale

Haunted house cake is a great centerpiece to any Halloween party. We also make haunted house cakes for birthdays, weddings and themed corporate parties… At CupCakery you can order haunted house cakes online. Alternatively, if you have free time, visit our bakery to talk about your order in detail with our staff. We make awe-inspiring haunted house cakes for our customers!

Your haunted house cake design can feature the following fondant decoration elements/toppers:

  • ghosts and bats
  • graveyard and tombstones
  • wicked witches with brooms
  • werewolves and vampires
  • pumpkins and skeletons…

Along with multi-tiered haunted house cakes, we also have for sale:

This Halloween is going to be fun with some cute and creepy cakes from CupCakery! So just buy your Haunted house cake online now along with other themed Halloween cakes and satisfy your sweet fang!