How to choose the perfect wedding cake

Dreaming about the perfect cake for your upcoming big day? We’ve got you covered! Although choosing your wedding cake is likely to be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, this task is not easy at all. There is hope, we promise! We will tell you in detail how to choose a wedding cake that is beautiful, delicious and lets your personality shine through!

how to choose a wedding cake
choosing a wedding cake
how to choose your wedding cake

The multi-layer traditional wedding cake with a classic topper has now been replaced by a wide range of bold and unique styles designed to reflect the personalities of the marrying couple. With all of these new ideas, shapes and flavors to choose from, how should couples go about choosing the right wedding cake for their nuptials? Ask around. Talk to a pro.

Or… study the below expert tips from 10-year cake-designing veterans of CupCakery cake boutique in New York.

choose cake
how to choose the right wedding cake
how to choose the perfect wedding cake

Choosing the right wedding cake depends on

  • your wishes and tastes
  • your wedding theme
  • your budget

Our top tips for choosing the wedding cake of your dreams

Often brides-to-be are shocked by the price of wedding cakes when they first start Googling the issue and contacting bakers for quotes. But throughout the design process, they begin to understand how much time, talent, hard work and inspiration cake creators put into each intricate masterpiece they craft.


So, if you want to choose the perfect wedding cake that will be both stylish and affordable, follow these tips from our pastry chefs:

  • Opt for a reputable bakery

Begin your research online. Read customer reviews and testimonials. Visit the bakery in person and meet with the specialists. If you don’t feel comfortable with the bakery staff, you won’t be pleased with your wedding cake.


If you have a sweet tooth and appreciation for unique baked goods, ordering your wedding cake in New York at CupCakery is the best option!

  • Order well in advance

Start your search early in the wedding panning stages. Give yourself a lot of time to contact cake decorators, choose your cake design and flavor combinations. Usually 3 to 6 months is enough time to plan your wedding cake.

  • Start looking for ideas

Your wedding theme will define your wedding cake type and color. When choosing the perfect idea for your wedding cake, look at the following resources and places:

  • online magazines with wedding cakes
  • online wedding cake galleries
  • wedding fairs and exhibitions
  • old family photos
  • Study all options

Make sure you know all about the traditional wedding cake alternatives:

  • Decide on your budget

When you choose the perfect idea for your wedding cake, you’ll need to find out how much money you have to spend on the masterpiece. Make sure you’ve studied the prices of various bakeries. Tell your designer your real budget.


If you want to save on your wedding cake, opt for large sugar flowers or blocks of color instead of piped lace or cascading blossoms.

  • Narrow the search

Always taste the samples of the bakers work. If you feel that you trust the bakery staff, have tasted their flavors and love their portfolio, they’re perfect for you. One of the major deciding factors is a good personal connection. The perfect cake designer is someone whose personality makes you feel calm and comfortable.

  • Avoid these mistakes

Waiting until the last minute to design and order your wedding cake is one of the most common faux pas. Premium ingredients and decoration elements sometimes need to be ordered well in advance and, in some cases, created from scratch. Keep in mind that this process is very time-consuming.


Another common faux pas when choosing your wedding cake is letting too many people provide input. Avoid involving both sets of parents, friends, cousins and other relatives in the process. Follow the advice of a few people whose sense of style resonates with you and trust your own instincts.

You’re welcome to choose your wedding cake at our online cake boutique or just request a quote now!