How to save money on your wedding cake

Silky swirls of buttercream, stunning cascades of gold orchids, beautiful fondant hearts and ribbons – custom wedding cakes are true works of art. But it’s a well- known fact that the cost of unique wedding desserts can be really high. Believe it or not, there are ways to slice your costs and still get the classiest of cakes.

how to save money on your wedding cake
how to save on a wedding cake
how to save on wedding cake costs

Follow the tips our team of professional wedding cake bakers have prepared for you, and you’ll learn how to save money on your wedding cake.

Knowledge is sweet power

  • your wedding cake price is all about the labor: opt for a smaller cake with stylish (but not too extravagant) décor
  • consider adding finishing touches to the cake yourself: real lace or satin ribbons look as good as the fondant ones and cost very little
  • decorating your wedding cake with fresh (in season) flowers (or chocolate-covered berries) is less expensive than using sugar flowers
  • mini cakes are very time-consuming and costly
  • simple flavors are less expensive than more unusual and exotic flavors
  • hand-piped lace-like effects in wedding cake décor are pricey
  • topsy-turvy cakes can take up to 3 days to craft: ordering a whimsical cake of this kind will definitely eat up your budget

10 tips to save on a wedding cake

  • order a smaller wedding cake for the couple and sheet cakes for the guests: bride and groom will cut a fancy two-tier cake, while most guests will be served simpler sheet cakes
  • if you want a larger mouthwatering cake for a reasonable price, consider using dummy tiers: fake tiers can be iced to increase the size of your cake; you’ll get the effect of a super-expensive cake for about half the price
  • choose a square cake: it will feed more guests
  • go for buttercream frosting instead of fondant: buttercream is less expensive and more delicious than fondant; BUT if you’re having an outdoor wedding on a hot day, buttercream will melt
  • choose standard flavors for the larger tiers, and premiums for smaller tiers: this will lower the cost by up to 40 per cent
  • DIY your cake topper: even if you need an extravagant Peacock wedding cake topper, there are detailed tutorials online that will guide you step by step through the creation process
  • order wedding pies: they are on the upswing these days, especially at rustic weddings; you might be able to save up to 15 per cent by choosing in-season fruit for your wedding pie
  • order your cake early: that way you will avoid extra fees charged for ordering last-minute
  • have friends and family bake for you: or, if you’re crafty enough, just bake your own wedding cake
  • opt for a square groom’s cake with an edible image rather than a motorcycle or football shaped cake

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