How to store a wedding cake overnight?

As the centerpiece of your big day, your wedding cake needs to be stunning and yummy. Keeping it fresh can be more challenging than you might think, however. Wedding treats are usually made a few days before the reception. Most of them include a wide range of delicate ingredients and perishable elements.

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Some wedding cakes should be refrigerated overnight, other sweet treats don’t require cold temperatures to stay fresh. If you’re wondering how to store a wedding cake before the wedding day or how to preserve the dessert for one year anniversary, study this blog post with our professional advice.

You can find out how to preserve your wedding cake before and after the big day by defining its type and examining its ingredients:

  • frostings: always refrigerate cakes topped with cream cheese frosting, whipped cream, French or Swiss buttercream – these icings can spoil when exposed to heat; ganache, fondant and Italian buttercream do well without refrigeration for the first day as long as you keep them in a cool place; royal icing and marzipan are great options for summer wedding cakes
  • fillings: today a lot of wedding cakes include perishable fillings that require refrigeration to stay fresh; our recommendation is to refrigerate any cake filled with lemon curd, fresh fruit, pudding, custard, whipped cream or cream-based ganache
  • cake type: light and creamy white cakes usually dry out quickly when refrigerated, while denser and fattier chocolate or yellow cakes do well when exposed to low temperatures
how to store a wedding cake overnight
how to store a fondant wedding cake
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If you want to know how to store a fruit wedding cake, you’ve come to the right place. We recommend that you keep your fruit wedding cake moist. If you do, your sweet treat will stay fresh without refrigeration. Keep in mind that following our cake storage tips is crucial if you want your wedding masterpiece to stay beautiful and fresh longer.

How to preserve your wedding cake for one year anniversary?

Couples often freeze part of their wedding cake for a year to eat it on their first anniversary. It is believed that this tradition brings them good luck and makes their marriage stronger. Note that any cake that is kept in a freezer for a year is bound to become a bit stale. Especially if it’s a sponge cake, fresh fruit cake or a cake with whipped cream fillings. Chocolate, carrot, almond cakes do better in the freezer.


If you want to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake for your one year anniversary, we’ve prepared some tips to help you do it right:

  • let the baker and decorator know that you plan to preserve the top layer
  • ask a friend or a family member to take the top tier home after the reception
  • let them remove any sugar decorations that may be on the cake, and put them aside
  • then the top layer should be placed in the freezer to let the icing harden so it doesn’t stick to the plastic wrap
  • in about 2 hours the cake should be loosely wrapped in several layers of plastic wrap and placed into the air-tight bag or container
  • the container should also be wrapped in plastic too, and then placed into the freezer

Avoid keeping your cake in a frost-free freezer. It will dry your cake out. You don’t have to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake at all if you don’t want to. Alternatively, just reorder a smaller cake with the same design and flavor on your wedding anniversary. You will get a freshly baked delicious masterpiece and enjoy remembering your wedding day.