Myths about wedding cakes – exposed once and for all!

Almost every bride-to-be has a mental image of her perfect wedding cake. However, often those fantasies are crushed by the realities of actually organizing the reception. Today we’re going to bring your dream design down to earth by exposing some of the most common myths about wedding cakes.

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myths about wedding cakes
wedding cakes myths exposed busted

As professional pastry chefs, at CupCakery we know exactly what it takes to create the right wedding dessert for you. Read, learn, and choose the perfect wedding cake that will tickle your fancy, satisfy your taste buds and reflect your couple’s personality…

Find 9 common wedding cake myths exposed below…

Myth #1: Wedding cakes are too expensive

If you want 300 cascading mini flowers wired to the outside of your cake tiers, yes, it’s going to cost a lot of money. To save money on your wedding cake (and still get a stylish work of culinary art), order one smaller cake with intricate décor for the couple and cut sheet cake in the back for the guests.


Myth #2: Choose a flavor that your guests will like

It’s your special day, so order your favorite flavor for the cake. You can ask your baker to create a cake with several different flavors though. Let the top tiers contain your favorite premium flavors and the bottom tiers taste more mainstream.

Myth #3: Any table will do for a show-stopping cake

Would you splurge $1000 on a pair of Loboutins only to wear them with old pants and a sweatshirt to a club? Obviously not! Make sure you decorate the table where your gorgeous wedding cake will be placed. Otherwise you risk taking your stunning tower of flour and sugar from fab to drab.


Myth #4: Wedding cakes should be round and white

Now that wedding cakes come in various types, shapes, colors and sizes, your dessert can be in any shape you desire. Express your creative side and order a trending hexagon cake with beautiful pink cherry blossom design elements

Myth #5: Always save the top tier for your one-year anniversary

Are you a fan of a stale cake? Then go for it! But you really don’t have to stick to this tradition any more. Just order a similar cake for your one-year anniversary and enjoy its fresh, moist texture!


Myth #6: Fondant is not yummy

Multi-tier wedding cakes with intricate décor are usually made using fondant. Check the weather for your big day. If you’re planning a hot summer wedding, buttercream will melt and you will have to opt for fondant. Keep in mind that a good pastry chef wants their cake to taste great, so their fondant will too!

Myth #7: Your cake designer can read your mind

A good cake maker will turn your ideas into a beautiful wedding cake – the one you’ve been fantasizing about. But before they do, make sure you let them know in detail about your preferences. You can even sketch out your ideas, bring in pictures and color swatches.


Myth #8: Make your own wedding cake

Unless you’re a professional specialty cake designer, making your own wedding cake is going to wear you out. It’s very labor-extensive!

Myth #9: It’s YOUR cake, so it’s already special

Let your wedding cake tell a story. Fondant detailing can reveal how you first met, a lace pattern can resemble your wedding dress, or a crystal rhinestone monogram topper can let your unique sense of class shine through… Attention to detail makes your wedding cake personal, so go that extra step to help your cake designer make your masterpiece truly unique.


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