Neon cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies in New York

Neon colors were on an epic upswing in the 80s and just like plenty of other trends from that period, this wild colorway made a comeback recently, not only in fashion, but in culinary world a well. Are you looking for neon cakes in New York? At CupCakery we create amazing neon colored sweet treats for all occasions.

neon themed cakes
neon pink cake
neon fondant cakes

Neon cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies are great for:

  • teenage birthdays
  • baby showers
  • bridal showers
  • modern weddings
  • informal corporate parties
neon party cake
neon zebra cakes
neon wedding cakes

Allow your cake designer to brighten up your confections and make your dessert table shine like never before! Neon pink, green, yellow and other radiant cake decoration elements look fantastic on cakes. Our dazzling neon cake designs and ideas will make your party shine bright like a crazy diamond!

Neon wedding cakes

We can create a beautiful wedding cake decorated with neon flowers for you. Its unique look will be achieved with quilling and ruffling techniques. Neon colors will be especially vibrant if you temper them with neutral shades or other wedding decoration elements.

neon sweet 16 cakes
neon cakes for birthdays
neon cake designs

Neon colors look great on the following dessert types:

  • modern heart-shaped cakes
  • geometry themed cakes
  • rainbow cakes
  • neon zebra cakes
  • splatter paint cakes etc.
neon colored cakes
neon birthday cakes
neon cake

Neon colors are great for summer wedding cakes. Decoration ideas include gold accents, cascading blossoms, white fondant pearls, neon chocolate petals and the splatter technique… We can even create a neon ombre effect for your special wedding treat.

Neon cakes for birthdays

Aside from neon themed birthday party cakes, we also offer:

  • neon sprinkled cupcakes
  • neon colored macarons
  • neon themed cake pops
  • and other radiant baked goods

Neon sweet 16 cakes

Our customers love topsy turvy neon sweet 16 cakes created by the CupCakery Team of professional pastry chefs. Our cake magicians can even make your ‘16’ cake topper glow in the dark.

Crazy about the pictures of neon party cakes in our gallery? Request a quote now to order sweet treats with your unique neon touches!