Onesie cakes: order online

Whether you need a lovely baby shower cake or a super cute 1st birthday cake, Onesie cakes from CupCakery will be your perfect choice. You can order your baby Onesie cake online or stop by our bakery to meet our team and discuss your sweet purchase. At CupCakery we create amazing custom cakes using purely organic and seasonal products.

Your Onesie cake can feature many cute additional elements such as:

  • baby footprints
  • pacifiers and/or booties
  • edible rubber ducks
  • fondant ABC blocks
  • stars, bows or ruffles
  • polka dots or sugar lollipops
  • and many other baby cake decoration ideas

Aside from Onesie cakes, at CupCakery you can order online:

  • baby shower Onesie cupcakes
  • Onesie cookies
  • Onesie cake pops
  • Onesie-themed macarons
  • and many other themed treats

If you want to know how to make Onesie cakes and desserts, there are hundreds of online tutorials on this topic. If you’re running out of time or just not feeling inspired enough to bake and decorate, order your Onesie cake creation at our studio of sweet treats for babies. We are a Team of professional and reliable bakers and cake designers who will make all your baby cake dreams come true!