Order Angel food cakes, cupcakes and cookies online

Angel food cake is famous for its lightness, airiness, tenderness and divine taste. If you order Angel food cake online at our site or by visiting our dessert boutique, you’ll get an almost fat free confection that pairs beautifully with fruit, drizzles of chocolate and many other yummy ingredients. If you need to buy delicious cakes in New York, try our Angel food cakes!

Along with Angel food cakes, you’re free to order our:

  • Angel food cupcakes
  • Angel food cookies
  • Angel food mini pies
  • Angel food macarons
  • Angel food cake pops etc.

If you want to get some of the best custom cupcakes in NYC, visit CupCakery. Our professional bakers will offer you lots of sauces and other sweet additions to your treats. All your guests will be amazed by dessert. Freshly baked, artistically designed and loaded with premium quality ingredients, our signature Angel food cakes will be a proud centerpiece of your celebration.   

Angel food wedding and birthday cakes for sale

Can’t live without this sponge cake, deliciously adorned with chocolate and fresh fruit? At CupCakery you can buy a birthday cake or a dessert for a wedding reception. Angel food cakes are perfect baked goodies for all occasions. If you want to get Angel food wedding cake, feel free to contact our managers and discuss your order with them in detail.

In our extensive online gallery you can find the following cake options:

We’ll hand-craft your dessert with utmost care!  Along with Angel food birthday cakes, you can order wedding cake delivery at our dessert studio. Our swift and on-time transportation service was created and refined for your utmost convenience, so that you don’t have to worry about dessert delivery to your home address or to the venue.

Best Angel food cake delivery in New York

What’s your favorite Angel cake recipe? At CupCakery you can order your favorite Angel food dessert recipe variation. Here are some of our clients’ most preferred options:

  • strawberry Angel food cake
  • hazelnut Angel food cake
  • Angel food cake with lemon cream and berries
  • coconut Angel food cake
  • French-toasted Angel food cake
  • almond berry Angel food cake
  • Angel food cake with pineapple whip
  • chocolate cream Angel food cake
  • vanilla bean Angel food cake
  • stuffed Angel food  cake
  • cinnamon apple Angel food cake
  • strawberry Tiramisu angel food cake
  • black and white Angel food cake
  • Angel food cake with mangos

If you’re in search of a healthy dessert for your upcoming celebration, you can’t go wrong with Angel food cake. This moist, fluffy, not too sweet and ethereally light dessert will leave you and your guests craving for more – no matter how many slices you’re planning to eat. According to our customers, ‘you haven’t had real Angel food cake until you’ve ordered it at CupCakery’.