Book-shaped cakes to order online

Wish a happy birthday to your favorite avid reader by ordering a fantastic book-shaped cake for them! We can create a super realistic 3D cake shaped like any book you like… So just order cakes shaped like books online at our website or call us to discuss any details you might be interested in. Our book cakes are perfect for scientists, office workers, IT specialists and book lovers of all ages…

At CupCakery we design and hand-craft book-inspired cakes for all occasions. Our book cakes are most frequently ordered:

  • for birthday parties
  • for college grad parties
  • for corporate events
  • even for wedding receptions

If you order a cake online at our studio, you will get a sweet masterpiece with a 100% unique design. Our customers’ top favorite book cake decoration ideas are as follows:

  • Wizard of Oz open book cake
  • Harry Potter book cake
  • Twilight closed book cake
  • The Hunger Games book cake
  • kindle cake
  • Bible cake and other design ideas

Book cupcakes, cookies, cake pops & macarons

Along with book-shaped cakes, at CupCakery you can also buy online:

We make vintage book cakes, fashion book cakes, book cake slices and many other book-inspired treats. Our dessert decorators can dress up your baked goods with some heavenly beautiful and delicious stuff. Also, if you’re looking for healthy cakes, at CupCakery we make desserts that are 100% organic and healthy! You can order book cake delivery in New York online today!