Chemistry & lab themed cakes for sale

At our pastry studio we hand-bake and custom decorate awesome cakes for chemistry engineers, Chemistry teachers and other charming chemistry geeks… Always creative and delicious, our personalized cakes will amaze everyone at your celebration. Feel free to order our chemistry cakes online by following this link and completing out online price-request form.

At CupCakery you can order chemistry cakes for all occasions. Some of the most popular options are:

Chemistry cake: design and decoration ideas

Some of the most popular chemistry cake design ideas are listed below:

Chemist’s cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and macarons

Aside from the creative chemistry-themed custom cakes, at our pastry studio you we also have for sale:

  • chemist’s cupcakes
  • chemistry (flask-shaped) cookies
  • chemistry-themed cake pops
  • chemistry inspired petit fours and custom macarons

From chemistry to physics, at CupCakery we make all sorts of science-themed cakes and confections to satisfy your educated sweet tooth! Buy online today!