Order crepe cakes online

If you’re absolutely in love with cakes made out of crepes, you’re welcome to buy our blissful versions of these amazing desserts. At CupCakery you get the possibility to order crepe cakes online and get gorgeously delicious desserts made in accordance with your requirements and perfectly matching your taste. Our crepe cakes are made just to brighten up your day and satisfy your sweet tooth!

At our studio of extraordinary baked goodies you’re free to order crepe cakes for all occasions. Our customers love our:

“Great service and always fresh”. “Cute décor, wonderful owners, delicious baked goods”. “Deliciously addictive and won’t disappoint”. That’s what our customers say about our crepe cakes and service. They also love how affordable everything is at our studio – including crepe cakes! Please request a price quote now about the crepe cake with your favorite taste and most preferred décor.

Crepe wedding cake delivery in NYC

Looking for an unusual wedding cake idea? Something extraordinary, light, delicious and perfect for a summer wedding – all in one? We have a great option for you. Crepe wedding cake! Now imagine over 200 layers of airy golden brown crepes filled with vanilla bean infused cream and dusted with powdered sugar… Is your mouth watering already?

Your crepe wedding cake can be additionally decorated with:

Crepe wedding cakes look perfect at rustic-themed wedding receptions. They are also often ordered for wedding anniversaries, bridal showers, graduation parties and corporate celebrations. So say your ‘oui’ to this traditional French dessert and order crepe cake delivery in New York at CupCakery. With our expert assistance, your wedding dessert table will look flawless.

Crepe cakes & cupcakes for sale

What’s your favorite crepe cake recipe? Let us know and we will create a better, healthier version of it. Here are our clients’ ultimate favorites:

  • Nutella crepe cake
  • Crème brulee crepe cake
  • Bailey’s Irish cream crepe cake
  • Oreo crepe cake
  • Tiramisu crepe cake
  • apple crepe cake
  • maple pecan praline crepe cake
  • strawberry cream crepe cake
  • raspberry crepe cake
  • red velvet crepe cake
  • green tea crepe cake
  • chocolate Amaretto crepe cake
  • and pistachio crepe cake

We work really hard on your desserts for our mission is to always create some of the best cakes in New York. It’s not easy… However, the payoff is huge, because this approach gains us extremely loyal customers who love coming back for more of our scrumptious desserts. Still haven’t tried our signature crepe cakes? Hurry up, we may even have your favorite crepe cupcakes available for sale in store!