Egyptian themed cakes for sale

Looking for a great gift for a friend who loves Egyptian style and décor? Order Egyptian-themed desserts for them at our cake factory. At CupCakery we hand-craft beautiful Egyptian-themed cakes and confections for so many various events. You can order Egyptian cakes online by completing this price request form. Or, if you have more time, stop by our bakery in NYC to talk about your order.

Our Team creates Egyptian themed cakes for all occasions. Most frequently our clients look for:

Egyptian birthday cakes: design ideas and decoration

If you’re looking for an Egyptian style birthday cake, you will fancy some of the following design ideas:

  • Egyptian pyramids cake
  • Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh cake
  • gorgeous Cleopatra cake
  • camel cakes with exotic décor
  • Egyptian eye cake
  • old Egyptian writing cake
  • Egyptian flag cake
  • and many other creative ideas

Egyptian style wedding cakes in NYC

If you’re looking for an Egyptian wedding cake in New York, we will gladly create one for you. You may also like the following wedding cake ideas:

Egyptian cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and macarons

Aside from Egypt-inspired custom cakes, at CupCakery you can also buy online:

  • Egyptian themed cupcakes
  • Egyptian inspired cookies
  • Egyptian style cake pops
  • Egyptian style macarons
  • as well as many other custom decorated and personalized desserts

When making our Egyptian cakes, we do our best to evoke the rich history of Egypt, from ancient times to the present. We will rock your world with our amazing Egyptian themed cakes. Order now!