Food shaped cakes to order online

Sometimes there’s more to a hamburger than meets the eye… Some cake pros create sweet masterpieces that look exactly like other foods and meals. The CupCakery Team is also familiar with some smart camouflaging techniques. We know how to make really appealing 3D cakes with irresistible taste combinations. We have various food shaped cakes for sale for every occasion.

Our customers often order online our:

Below you will find some of our customers’ favorite ideas of cakes that look exactly like other foods (and even drinks!)

Cupcakes, cookies and cake pops that look like food

Along with food-shaped cakes, at CupCakery you can also buy online:

  • cupcakes that look like real food: hamburger, spaghetti, meatloaf, corn on the cob cupcakes etc.
  • cookies that look like real food: hot dogs, pizza slices, wrapped candy etc.
  • cake pops that look like food: meatballs, strawberry, donut, watermelon etc.

Our dessert pros hand-bake and custom decorate plates of noodles, fried chicken, roasted ham, tortilla chips and crispy tacos that are all made of cake! Some of our customers can hardly believe our work when they see it. Ready to be stunned? Order our life like food shaped cakes today! We deliver our deliciously deceiving masterpieces throughout New York City.