Order homemade cakes online

At CupCakery we will help you find the ideal solution to your desserts craving. We create indulgent desserts that look elegant and taste homemade. Here you can order homemade cakes online along with many types of bite-sized homemade desserts. Our sweet treats are always fresh, wholesome and hand-made from scratch with the best quality ingredients.

At our dessert store you’re free to:

Homemade wedding cakes for sale: delivery in NYC

Our custom wedding cakes are affectionately baked with the finest, natural and pure ingredients. They are made to nourish and delight. What’s your favorite flavor? From airy and buttery to dense and fudgy, we offer our customers a wide variety of wedding cake flavors… Here at CupCakery you will definitely find something temptingly flavorful…

Some of our most in-demand homemade wedding cake flavors include:

A lot of our customers say that nothing beats the rich flavor of our homemade chocolate cake. Try our flavors once and you will definitely come back for more! We have homemade wedding cakes for sale to suit even the most discerning of taste buds! Don’t forget that for your convenience we also provide cake delivery in NYC and nearby areas.

Buy homemade desserts: birthday cupcakes, cookies, cake pops & macarons

Along with scrumptious homemade-tasting cakes, at our factory of sweet treats you can also:

  • order homemade cupcakes online
  • buy homemade cookies for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and other occasions
  • order homemade-tasting customized macaroons
  • get cake pops delivered right to your doorstep
  • along with other homemade desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and compliment your dinner table

Choose any cake form you like. We make round cakes, sheet cakes, tiered delights, topsy turvy cakes, 3D cakes and fondant covered sweet creations. Make birthday parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and family get-togethers a little sweeter with homemade desserts created by our Team. Our customers often order our homemade cakes just to brighten up a routine Monday!