Order lemon meringue pies online

Baking pies is not difficult. But if you want to get a really amazing and mouth-watering dessert, you’ll need a lot of skills and experience. A better option is to order lemon meringue pies online. CupCakery is a dessert studio where you can buy delectables right from the comfort of your digital device. Satisfy your lemon meringue pie craving by enjoying our mini works of art.

Our clients are in love with our lemon meringue pies. Here are their all-time favorite flavor combinations:

  • classic lemon meringue pie
  • lavender lemon meringue pie
  • chocolate lemon meringue pie
  • lemon and toasted-coconut meringue pie
  • lemon meringue pie with caramelized peanuts
  • lemon meringue ice cream pie etc.

We happily load our pies and other confections with top quality ingredients and with fresh products only. Our versatile flavor combinations are close to unique and always unforgettable. If you have some additional dietary requests, just tell us about them and we’ll do our best to satisfy your needs. Our pastry chefs will lighten up your day with our yummies!

Best lemon meringue pies to buy in NYC with delivery!

Share a slice of summer with your friends, family or workmates. Our Team offer our customers some of the best lemon meringue pies in NYC and surrounding locations. At CupCakery you can find traditional pies as well as pie pops which have been in vogue a couple of last years. Choose your favorite option from our online gallery. We’re sure you’ll find lots of appetizing desserts for you at our store.

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Have you ever tried lemon meringue pies with chocolate? They are totally divine! All our hand-crafted sweet treats will make you crave for more. Along with pie baking and decorating, we offer premium lemon meringue pie delivery service. We can deliver pies right to your home or office address. Order our confections for any occasion well in advance or buy ready-to-go pies!