Order pie pops online with delivery in New York

Are you a fan of homemade sweet treats? Then you’ll like the idea of a birthday dessert table with some bite-sized pies on sticks! Yes, you’ve heard correct, we offer you to order pie pops at CupCakery. These mini delights are so yummy and cute that you’ll eat them all at once.

Try pie pops and serve them at your outdoor party. Your guests will definitely crave more! Buy more, we’ll offer inspiring discounts! Kids adore them, and you will, too! Mini pies can have any filling you want, just think of your favorite taste and let us know about it.

Our bakers make adorable:

  • cherry pie pops
  • nutella pie pops
  • apple pie pops
  • banana pie pops
  • yogurt pie pops
  • lemon meringue pie pops
  • key lime pie pops
  • peanut butter pie pops
  • coconut pie pops
  • strawberry pie pops
  • peach pie pops etc.

Although pie pops were invented not so long ago, their popularity is growing rapidly all over the world. Their heavenly taste of homemade pies will charm everyone. Of course, they are easy to eat. Less mess means more fun!

These tiny delectables are great for wedding receptions, kids’ parties and other occasions. Choose your favorite filling for pie pops in NYC and order pies online at our website. We make pie pops for everyone who loves super delicious and cute desserts!

Wedding pie pops and birthday pie pops for sale

Looking for an affordable and memorable present for a friend? Buy and send birthday pie pops to them. It's such a sweet and delicious way to wish your friend a happy birthday. Along with mini pies you can buy cake pops at our store. Our impressive assortment of confections will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Everything’s better with a personal touch. Our sugar artists will make your pie pops in the shapes of circles, triangles, hearts and even flowers! Any flavor or color is available. Find your favorite flavor in our online gallery and order it for your event.

At CupCakery we hand-craft pie pops, cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, macarons and cakes for all occasions. Also we offer wedding pie pop delivery service. All our desserts can be customized to suit your individual preferences.

We are thrilled to make yummies for:

  • wedding receptions
  • graduations
  • corporate events
  • anniversaries
  • Valentines and Christmas get-togethers

If you need a pie pops set along with a cake, feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service representatives. We’ll create a dessert tailored to your specifications. Customers who have ordered our delights once always come back for more confections.

Buy pie pops in bulk

At CupCakery our bakers and dessert designers hand-craft pie pops from scratch, with fresh fruit fillings and high-quality ingredients. Your pie pops can be individually wrapped in a cello bag, tied with colored ribbon or garnished with a bow.

If you are in search of a dessert delivery in New York, ask us to do it for you. Our transportation service is:

  • fast
  • safe
  • on-time

If you want to buy pie pops in bulk, contact our managers for more information on wholesale pricing. We are delighted to offer you our special prices and top-quality services! Order pie pops at CupCakery and let them eat pie!