Order pirate cookies online

Throwing a pirate-themed party for your little son is a great idea. What can be better? Only ordering pirate-inspired desserts at our factory of sweet masterpieces! At CupCakery you’re welcome to order pirate cookies online along with custom pirate-themed cakes and other sweet treats. We make healthy desserts that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Our customers love our pirate-shaped cookies that feature:

  • pirate face décor
  • hand-painted skulls
  • pirate ship décor
  • pirate map-inspired edible images
  • coin (treasure) décor etc.

As for the flavor for your pirate cookies, you’re free to choose what you like the most. Soft and chewy vanilla cookies, delightful red velvet cookies, crunchy chocolate cookies, yummy caramel cookies along with flavorful pistachio sugar delights… Just a short list of what your pirate-themed treats can taste like… Our regular customers say they have their ‘heart set on’ our desserts.

Aside from pirate-themed cookies, at CupCakery you’re free to buy online our:

All our cookies are carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery. We also provide cookie gift baskets featuring many various themed ideas, including pirate décor. If necessary, at our dessert boutique you can order pirate cookie delivery in New York City. Your cookies will be safely and smoothly delivered right to your home or venue address. So convenient!