Order special diet cakes and desserts online

These days plenty of people suffer from various food allergies and dietary constraints. Whether you’re following a special diet or you have guests coming over with a certain dietary restriction, we offer a wide array of custom special diet cakes available to order online right from the comfort of your home or office. Request a quote now for more information on pricing and decoration.

At CupCakery you are free to order online:

You can depend on us when it’s about making some of the best special diet cakes and desserts in New York City. We won’t let you miss out on an out-of-this-world party dessert table with yummies because of your food intolerance. Our team of experienced pastry chefs create gorgeous and delicious sweet treats that will leave you and your guests satisfied!

Best special diet cake pops, cookies, cupcakes and macarons in NYC

At CupCakery we specialize in cakes for all occasions. That includes scratch recipe birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, corporate cakes and other special occasion desserts. Our website contains some examples of what we do in terms of cake decoration. Bur we have many more pictures at our studio. We offer baked goodies that meet even the strictest diets!

Along with delicious special diet cakes, our customers also buy our:

  • beautifully decorated special diet cupcakes
  • custom made special diet cake pops
  • creative and flavorful special diet cookies
  • 3D special diet birthday pies
  • and even special diet wedding macarons!

We understand how important it is to you to order desserts that are safe for your diet. Please make sure you let us know of any special diet requirements when you place your order. Don’t hesitate to message us or give us a phone call for more details on any of our products! We make gorgeous personalized cakes that meet our customers’ dietary requirements!