Order Spongebob and Patrick star cake pops online

Planning a kid’s party? Why not order custom cake pops with your child’s favorite cartoon characters! We mean Spongebob, of course! At CupCakery you can order Spongebob cake pops online with hundreds of flavor combinations: chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, carrot, caramel...

Along with Spongebob, you can find other cartoon-themed mini desserts in our extensive portfolio. Everything’s better with a personal touch! We’ll customize any dessert you’ve opted for to match your most exact specifications. We are always eager to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth!

At our custom dessert boutique you can order birthday cake pops online along with:

  • 3D Spongebob cakes
  • Spongebob cupcakes with fondant décor
  • Spongebob macarons with your favorite taste
  • Spongebob themed cookies: colorful and flavorful!
  • even Spongebob lemon bars

All of your kid’s little guests will glee and drool in utter delight when they see our Sponebob cake pops! You can choose a plethora of flavor combinations for your desserts. If you haven’t found your favorite taste, ask our bakers to develop a unique recipe for your event. Never underestimate individual approach! We’ll do our best to create fresh custom cake pops for you!

If you want to buy cake pops in bulk, we offer you our Spongebob cake pop delivery in NYC. Your Spongebob cake pops made by our pros can have versatile design ideas. Below we’ve listed some of them:

  • Spongebob Squarepants cake pops
  • Patrick star cake pops
  • Spongebob photo cake pops
  • Sandy cake pops

Spongebob inspired treats… What can be better for a kids’ party! Our unique, fun and yummy cake pops with dessert delivery is the perfect option for almost all kids’ events. Just decide on the filling, the decoration and style of the confections you’re planning to buy. We use only high-quality ingredients when making our desserts.