Order surfing-themed cakes online

Don’t know how to make your own surfboard cake? No time to study step-by-step tutorials? Our Team of professional cake designers and dessert decorators will eagerly help you! At CupCakery you can order surfing cakes online for your wedding reception, your friend’s themed birthday party, your Dad’s anniversary celebration or any other special occasion.

We make custom cakes using top quality products. We always do our best to bring all your design ideas to life. According to our customers, our designs are unique and our flavors are “so delish, they should be made illegal”. If you want to buy a birthday cake online or if you just need some creative surfing cake design ideas and decoration patterns, browse our online gallery.

Our customers adore our unique:

Aside from surfing-themed cakes, we give you the possibility to order online our:

CupCakery brings you the very best surfing cakes and cupcakes in New York City. So if you’re looking for a unique surfer birthday cake masterpiece created exclusively for the recipient, please call or email us for details. We make buttercream and fondant cakes, 3D cakes and simple yet elegant cakes… Just select your favorite option and buy today!