Tuxedo-shaped cakes and Tuxedo cheesecakes

Are you looking for a cake that’s moist, delicious and not too sweet? Pay special attention to our chocolate vanilla Tuxedo cakes and Tuxedo-shaped desserts. The chocolate is so moist, and the frosting is to die for… Ordering Tuxedo-themed desserts has never been easier! Just fill out this form or call us, and we’ll make a scrumptious dessert for your upcoming celebration.

We make tuxedo cakes for all occasions. Here are some of our most frequent orders:

You can order Tuxedo cake online at CupCakery with your favorite flavor. Here are some of our most in-demand Tuxedo cake recipes:

  • chocolate vanilla tuxedo cake
  • strawberry tuxedo cake
  • banana cream tuxedo cake
  • candy corn tuxedo cake
  • tuxedo truffle cake
  • Red velvet tuxedo cake
  • vegan Tuxedo cake etc.

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a delish dessert masterpiece. The CupCakery Team are committed to providing special diet desserts for everyone who is allergic to dairy products, sugar or gluten. Let us know about any food intolerance you may have, and we’ll do our best to make a cake that’s great for you. Even days later your tuxedo cake will taste just the same…

Tuxedo cheesecake, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies & macarons

Along with Tuxedo-themed cakes, at our studio of custom confections you can also order:

  • tuxedo cupcakes
  • tuxedo cheesecake
  • tuxedo cake pops
  • tuxedo cookies
  • and tuxedo macarons

We have tuxedo brownies for sale along with tuxedo-themed custom petit fours… Our assortment impresses even the most discerning sweet tooth… We provide delivery throughout NYC. “Don’t bother looking elsewhere, CupCakery is the best bakery in New York City”. That’s what our customers say about us. Very inspiring!