Twitter-themed cakes for sale

What's your preferred Twitter cake design? 3D logo, surprise inside, edible image?... At CupCakery we create Twitter-themed cakes and confections with any designs and with lots of rich flavors. From chocolate to passion fruit and caramel… Our decadent flavors are sure to make your cake the perfect addition to any special occasion. You can order Twitter cakes online by filling out this price request form

At CupCakery we hand-craft Twitter cakes for all occasions. Some of the most frequent customer requests imply:

Twitter cupcakes, cake pops & cookies: delivery in NYC

Aside from the creative and delectable Twitter cake masterpieces, at CupCakery you can also buy online:

Visit our showroom to see some of our cake designs and taste our flavors… You will definitely be impressed by how equally beautiful and delicious our personalized cakes are!