Order vegan cakes and desserts online

If you’re vegan, you will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth at CupCakery. We are delighted to introduce a line of vegan cakes and desserts to our gourmet list. Our vegan cake recipe list is expanding regularly due to the popularity of vegan desserts. At our website you can order vegan cakes online right from the comfort of your office or apartment.

Here’s the list of our most in-demand vegan cakes:

There’s no need for you to be vegan or to suffer from dietary restrictions to try our yummy vegan desserts. Our regular customers will definitely confirm that our free-from cakes are every bit as delicious as anything made with flour, eggs or dairy. In fact, our vegan cake creations and bite-sized desserts are even better, because they don’t imply cruelty to animals.

Vegan cake delivery in New York City

At CupCakery we hand-craft and decorate vegan cakes for all occasions. Here are some of our most frequent orders:

Our baked goodies are made with love for those of our customers who struggle with food intolerances or for those who simply appreciate gourmet baking. We use top notch ingredients only, along with the finest products we can get our hands on. Order our vegan yummies and treat your non-vegan friends with them. Guess what! They’ll never tell that the desserts are vegan, until you tell them about it!

Vegan cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and macarons for sale

Need some mini-sized vegan desserts? Our highly skilled pastry chefs offer you to buy our:

  • vegan cupcakes
  • vegan cake pops
  • vegan cookies
  • vegan macarons
  • vegan brownies
  • vegan petit fours
  • and other bite-sized desserts without a single trace of animal products

Tired of tasteless vegan and gluten free cakes? We’ve put an end to them! From now on you will savor only the most delicious vegan confections in New York City. If you order them at our bakery, of course. We are passionate about what we do. Our customers’ multiple requirements (along with positive reviews about our work) inspire us to provide some of the best vegan cakes for sale in NYC.