Order whoopie pies online

Whoopie pies are two pillowy devil’s food cookies sandwiched with a delish fluffy cloud-like filling. We’re sure you know that whoopie pies are incredibly delicious. Actually, they’re not a pie at all, but more of a something-in-the-middle between a cake and a cookie. If you want to order whoopie pies online, just get in touch with our staff for a price quote.

We’ll discuss the delivery date, the quantity and the whoopie pie filling you’ll opt for… along with other details on your order. Our chocolate and pumpkin whoopie pies will take your breath away. If you prefer other flavors, our pastry chefs have a lot of other equally sinfully delicious suggestions in store for you. Don’t forget to order whoopie pie delivery in NYC!

Whoopie pies for sale: red velvet, gluten-free, mini etc.

We have a yummy whoopie pie flavor for just about every tastebud! Here are our clients’ most preferred variations:

  • chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies
  • chocolate mascarpone whoopie pies
  • vanilla whoopie pies
  • red and pink velvet whoopie pies
  • red, white and blue (patriotic) whoopie pies
  • banana whoopie pies
  • lemon blueberry whoopie pies
  • strawberry whoopie pies
  • mini mint whoopie pies
  • key lime whoopie pies and many other tastes

Suffering from food intolerances and desperately trying to find a bakery that would produce really delicious allergy-friendly treats? Today’s your lucky day! Our whoopie pies are available for sale in most allergy-friendly combinations. We make gluten-free whoopie-pies, sugar-free whoopie pies and offer our customers plenty of other special diet dessert options. They are so very delicious, you won’t even notice that they’re missing anything!

Birthday whoopie pie delivery

You will definitely love our creative birthday whoopie pie designs. Here are some of the best ideas for your party dessert table:

  • ombre whoopie pies
  • rainbow whoopie pies
  • cute monster whoopie pies
  • spiderweb whoopie pies
  • star-shaped whoopie pies
  • heart-shaped whoopie pies
  • whoopie pie ‘donuts’
  • XO-shaped whoopie pies
  • giant whoopie pies

Both kids and grown-ups adore our birthday whoopie pies! We also offer beautiful whoopie pie gift boxes that can be customized to match your exact preferences in terms of design and decoration. With our professional assistance, you can send a whoopie pie birthday gift package to that special birthday person. We provide dessert delivery throughout New York.

Wedding whoopie pie towers

Searching for a creative alternative to wedding cake? Consider ordering a wedding whoopie pie cake. Your guests will love our luscious, light and beautifully chocolatey wedding whoopie pie towers. If you want a traditional wedding cake and just looking for something bite-sized to compliment your dessert buffet, we can offer you a set of wedding whoopie pies.

Our wedding whoopie pie towers and whoopie pies are always:

  • delicious in your top favorite way
  • creatively decorated
  • gorgeously detailed
  • customized to match your wedding theme and style

One of our latest orders was a wedding whoopie pie tower with a giant whoopie pie on top. Our cake designers placed a cute bride-and-groom topper on a giant whoopie pie and decorated each layer with black and white pearls. According to the customers who ordered this dessert masterpiece, their guests raved about the decoration and couldn’t get enough of its deliciousness!

Where can I buy best whoopie pies in NYC?

You can buy some of the best whoopie pies in New York at CupCakery! Fresh, natural, delish and made with top quality ingredients! We make whoopie pies for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, work meetings, graduations, baby showers and many other important events, special occasions and holidays.

The recipes of whoopie pies vary slightly. At our bakery we will do our best to create the version you love the most. With our pastry chefs’ skilled touch whoopie pies definitely live up to their name. Our yummy delectables are sure to make you want to scream ‘Whoopie!!!’.