Witch cakes to buy online this Halloween!

Need something creative for your Halloween party dessert table? Opt for the crazy and funny witch cakes created by our professional dessert decorators! Our custom cakes are always fresh, fun and incredibly delicious. We make witch birthday cakes and even witch-inspired goth wedding cakes… We have lots of witch cake designs and decoration ideas for you.

Here are some of our clients’ favorite witch cake designs:

  • funny crash-landing witch cake
  • witch hat cake
  • witch legs cake
  • witch ugly face cake
  • glamorous witch cake
  • little witch doll cake
  • creepy cake with a witch
  • pumpkin witch cake
  • witches pot cake
  • and many other innovative witch cake design ideas

Wicked witch cupcakes, leggy witch cookies & witch-themed cake pops

Along with witch-themed cakes, we also have for sale:

  • upside down witch cupcakes with legs
  • witch cupcakes with ice cream cones
  • wicked witch cupcakes
  • melted witch cupcakes
  • and lots of other witch cupcake designs

Feel free to order online our:

  • witch cake pops
  • leggy witch cookies
  • spooky witch-inspired macarons
  • along with witch éclairs
  • and even custom petit fours with witchy décor

We also make witch-themed brownies and super creative witch-inspired Halloween pies. What’s the perfect witchy dessert for you? Get in touch with us now to discuss your order along with witch cake delivery in New York! We provide delivery & offer pick-up.