Order Zombie cake online

If you need a perfect Halloween party cake, consider you’ve found it! At CupCakery you can order Zombie cakes online with the spookiest décor ever. Missing limps, exposed buttercream ‘brains’, peeling skin and other themed details will make you feel kinda creepy… Our Zombie cakes are so sinfully, so scary delicious!

We’re sure you’ve seen Zombie cakes that feature graves, Zombie brains, popping eyeballs etc. However, there are some really unexpected Zombie dessert designs. Here are some of them:

  • Zombie bride and groom wedding cakes
  • Hello Kitty Zombie cupcakes
  • Santa Zombie cake pops
  • Alice in Wonderland Zombie cake
  • Spongebob Zombie cake
  • Zombie Minion cake
  • Mickey Mouse Zombie cake etc.

Here are some of our customers’ top favorite Zombie cake designs:

  • airbrushed Walking Dead cakes
  • Plants vs. Zombies cakes
  • Zombie cupcake cakes
  • hand-painted Zombie cakes

Along with Zombie cakes, at our dessert studio you can also buy online:

  • Zombie-themed cupcakes
  • Zombie cake pops
  • Zombie birthday cookies
  • and Zombie macarons

Whether you prefer chocolate or vanilla cakes, strawberry taste or Nutella flavor… Our dessert masters will stick to your preferences when making the cake for you. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, for us to be able to make the cake that’s perfectly safe for your health. If you’re looking for a Zombie birthday cake, buy one at CupCakery!