Peacock wedding cakes and cake toppers

Peacock themed weddings are bright, exotic and glamorous. Peacock décor looks great with many colors and styles. It goes well with purple, burgundy, grey and black… If you are anticipating a peacock wedding, you may wish to order a glamorous peacock themed wedding cake or cupcakes.

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peacock colored cupcakes
peacock cupcake toppers

Peacock wedding cake designs can be created using various accents:

  • peacock cake topper: they come in a variety of different styles, just like love birds cake toppers
  • fondant peacock tail cascading along the cake: great option for couples looking to make a statement with their sweets table
  • peacock feathers: they can top a tiered wedding cake for a dramatic, glamorous effect
  • color scheme: using varying shades of blue and teal in your cake design adds a hint of peacock flavor to your dessert table
peacock cupcakes
peacock cake designs
peacock cake weddings

Our masters of sweet creations at CupCakery are always ready to make a dessert inspired by the regal peacock for you. We create amazing peacock designs on specialty cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and other delicious treats. Our custom cake boutique is always open online to accept your orders and provide useful tips.

Peacock feather birthday cakes

In recent years, the peacock feather trend has been hitting the wedding scene and making cake designers work even harder on new ideas. The trick is not to overdo with too many peacock accents. So instead of a metallic teal-colored sweet treat covered in edible feathers, let your designer handpaint peacock feathers on white fondant.

peacock themed cakes
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Peacock cakes can serve as extraordinary birthday presents. Especially for sophisticated and extravagant ladies. So if you still haven’t come up with an unusual and very elegant birthday gift idea for a woman, opt for a peacock feather cake. Our cake decorators will help you to keep it classy with just a few peacock touches.

Peacock colored cupcakes, cake pops, cookies

If you’re planning a peacock party, you’re welcome to order custom made cupcakes at our New York based bakery.

peacock wedding cakes
peacock cake topper
peacock wedding cake

Here are some ideas for your peacock themed mini desserts:

  • edible sugar feathers
  • handmade peacock feather toppers
  • peacock shades
  • sugar pearls
  • subtle metallic accents

Please give us a call or request a quote today to let our dessert masters create the best peacock themed dessert table for you!