Pregnancy & pregnant belly cakes

Whether you’re planning a pregnancy announcement party for your friend or just want to send your pregnant girlfriend a symbolic sweet gift, at CupCakery we will give you a helping hand! We hand-bake and custom-design some really creative pregnancy-inspired desserts. Our 3D cakes stun our customers and totally amaze their guests.

Wondering where you can buy pregnancy-themed cakes? We have hundreds of pregnancy cake design ideas and decoration patterns. Here are some of our customers’ top favorites:

  • pregnant belly cake with pink or blue décor
  • cake with a pregnant mom-to-be topper
  • cake with an edible picture of an ultrasound
  • ‘I’m pregnant’ heart-shaped cake
  • pregnancy test-shaped cake
  • baby footprint cake
  • and many more pregnancy-themed cake ideas

Along with pregnancy cakes, we also make:

  • pregnancy-themed cupcakes
  • pregnant belly cookies
  • pregnancy-inspired cake pops
  • pregnancy macarons
  • even custom petit fours with pregnancy-themed décor

Our pregnancy announcement cakes and desserts are made only with the freshest top quality products, so you can be sure they are 100% safe and exclusively delicious. We provide pregnancy cake delivery in New York City as well as pick-up. Also at CupCakery you can order cakes for kids of all ages and preferences. We offer a wide array of cnovelty designs and flavors.