Custom cake delivery Rochester NY

If you want personalized cakes and other delectables with cake delivery in Rochester NY, your choice is CupCakery. Our cake boutique has specialty cakes and provides safe cake delivery to your doorstep in Rochester. Our cake experts sketch out, construct and deliver cakes for wedding ceremonies, birthdays, corporate events and anniversaries in Rochester.


If you’re looking for a really fascinating and delicious dessert that will charm everyone at your party, just call or email us. We use classic recipes and often create unique tastes for custom cakes in Rochester NY. Whatever we craft, we provide excellent sketching and brilliant designing services, let alone our baking and decorating skills. Our customers’ preferences are our ultimate priority.

Hunting for the best chocolate cake in Rochester? Our cake studio has developed plenty of styles and flavors for you. For you we’ll bake and garnish:

CupCakery creates some of the most beautiful and delicious cakes in Rochester, New York, adding a special caring touch to our customers’ nuptials, graduations, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events, and many other occasions. You can order cakes online at our website with delivery to Rochester as well as buy your favorite delectables right from our dessert studio.

Wedding cakes, specialty birthday cupcakes and cookies in Rochester NY

Looking for a unique wedding cake in Rochester, NY? Then buy a wedding cake at CupCakery! Ordering a cake has never been so easy. Just surf throughout our online gallery and choose the perfect sweet idea for your sweet masterpiece! Discuss it with our cake experts who will help you decide on the shape, size, style, flavor and icing options.


Our designers will develop a really incredible dessert style and conception for your event. Unexpected flavor and design combinations make our desserts the center of everyone’s attention at our customers’ parties! CupCakery provides custom birthday cakes with delivery to Rochester.


Here we’ve listed some of our most desired sweet treats:

  • themed cupcakes
  • fun cakes for kids
  • custom wedding cakes
  • personalized birthday cakes
  • cookies that taste home made
  • beautiful and delicious cake pops

We bake all our desserts with love. Our sugar artists can create a cake masterpiece for you based on your own sketch. We pride ourselves on offering absolutely customizable birthday cakes in Rochester, they’re unique. Not feeling confident about your sketching skills? Our designers will do it for you! All you need to do is choose whether your best carrot cake will be elegant or fun.

Best cakes and desserts in Rochester for your sweet tooth!

Are you searching for the best cakes in Rochester? Contact our managers and tell them all about your cake wishes! We’ll take all your preferences into consideration and then create and deliver perfect sweet delights for you. Safe and on time!

Asides from cakes, at our studio our customers order:

  • macarons and brownies
  • cake pops and pies
  • donuts and cake ball towers
  • cupcakes and cookies with delivery to Rochester

Our team takes great pleasure in crafting some of the best cupcakes in Rochester! We are happy to see you pleased with our sweet delights. Freshly made with all-natural ingredients our desserts are waiting for you at CupCakery! Order your favorite delights now!