Rosette wedding cakes

We absolutely adore rosette cakes for their prettiness, simple application and romantic design. They are perfect for weddings, women’s birthdays, bridal showers and baby’s birthdays. Lovely rosette wedding cake designs have been all the rage for a couple of years already.

rosette cookies

At CupCakery we design and create rosette cakes paired with the following design ideas:

rosette cake pops
rosette cupcakes

Check out the amazing rosette cake designs in our sweet gallery. All our gallery items are 100% customizable. Just contact us with your thoughts and together we will come up with the best unique idea for your rosette wedding cake. CupCakery Team always enjoy tempting your palate with the best decadent desserts!

Ideas and pictures of rosette cake designs

Originally rosette cakes were inspired by the stunning rosette wedding gown designs by Vera Wang. Now almost anything beautiful can inspire the talented cake decorators all over the world to create thousands of rosette cakes with their unique signature decoration elements.

rosette wedding cakes
rosette cakes in new york
rosette cake design

Although rosette cake designs have been in vogue for quite a while, brides continue to love the delicate rosettes, romantic ruffles and stylish look of this cake. By ordering your rosette cake at our dessert studio, you can choose almost any flavor you like. Our customers’ absolute fav these days is Red velvet cake.

Rosette birthday cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies

Rosette ombre cakes look especially attractive to our customers. In their reviews they tell us that getting tired of this design is impossible. Also, our customers like to joke that with rosette cakes everyone at the party gets to enjoy buttercream rose.

pictures of rosette cakes
white rosette cake
rosette birthday cake

Aside from rosette birthday cakes, our professionals create:

  • delicate pink rosette cake pops
  • fluffy rosette cupcakes
  • rosette cookies of different types
  • and even rosette macarons!
rosette cake ideas
rosettes on cake
rosette cake

By the way, rosette cakes are not so difficult to make. So if you have spare time and the will to learn, there are a lot of tutorials online that will guide you through this process. If you’re running out of time and looking to send a cake as a gift for Valentine’s Day to someone you love, place your order now!