Topsy turvy cakes in New York City

Creating topsy turvy cakes is not easy, but professional bakers know some tricks that help them to bake eye-catching wonky delights. We make unique cakes that match all types of ceremonies including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. What is a topsy turvy cake? It’s a cake with slanted tiers. Although the tiers look as if they’re about to fall down, they stand fixed. That’s so unusual about this dessert.


At CupCakery we create many various topsy turvy cake designs. We deliver our desserts throughout New York and surrounding areas. Contact us to order:


Love them or hate them, topsy turvy cakes have been a big trend for quite a while already. These sweet delights just can’t be serious. They’re always fun and super creative. If you’re not a fan of traditional almost official wedding receptions and dessert tables, you will love our topsy turvy designs. Are you looking for specialty birthday cakes in NYC? We create great topsy turvy desserts for birthday parties!

Topsy turvy wedding cakes: design ideas and decoration pictures

You love a traditional wedding ceremony but want to make it a bit more expressive? Choose your favorite topsy turvy wedding cake in our wedding cake gallery. Flaunt your brilliant sense of humor with a wedding cake that is ALL about topsy turvy. For example, Alice in Wonderland wedding cakes are incredible. If you find them a bit over-the top, ask your decorator to add a subtle wonky touch to your wedding dessert.


Our pastry chefs are always glad to create a topsy turvy cake masterpiece for you based on the following themes and ideas:

  • geometry: our polka dot wedding cakes are lovely!
  • beach or ocean themed wedding
  • seasonal: we create beautiful wedding cakes for summer, autumn, winter and spring
  • jewelry: our wedding cakes with diamonds look gorgeous
  • with figurines of bride and groom, cats, birds, book or film heroes

If you’d like to send a cake as a gift, a topsy turvy dessert is a great choice. These sweet delights are a wonderful way to draw in some creativity to your wedding decor, without cutting back on style. If you’re a bride who likes everything extraordinary, you will fall in love our topsy turvy wedding dessert designs and portfolio pictures. Choose your favorite item, opt for your most preferred flavor and request a quote now!

Topsy turvey cakes, cupcakes & topsy turvy cake shaped cookies

Looking for a safe cake delivery in New York? Our cake studio provides the best delivery service. All your cakes will be transported carefully and fast.

Aside from topsy turvy cakes, our pastry chefs delight our customers with:

  • topsy turvy cake pops
  • topsy turvy cupcakes
  • even topsy turvy cake shaped cookies

When choosing fun wedding cakes, you have a plethora of options. When ordering at CupCakery, you get personalized cakes and confections, adaptable to your unique taste and specifications. Find your favorite topsy turvy birthday cake idea in our specialty cake shop and place an order now!