Peas in a pod cakes: order online

One of our favorite baby cake designs is the so-called pea in a pod cake. In the majority of cases this design is ordered for baby shower parties. What can be better than one baby (pea) in a pod? How about two babies in a pod! Such a lovely baby shower cake idea for twins! At CupCakery we will help you bring this idea to life in the best way possible!

There are dozens of various peas in a pod cake designs and decoration ideas. Here are some of the most creative ones:

Along with peas in a pod cakes, feel free to order at our website:

  • peas in a pod cupcakes
  • peas in a pod cookies
  • peas in a pod cake pops
  • even hand-painted macarons with peas in a pod

If you’re looking to order a wedding cake with a lovely two-peas-in-a-pod topper, just make one phone call, and we'll get to baking! You will love our desserts made with healthy ingredients and top notch products. Whether you’re looking for a rich chocolate cake or a special diet cake, we will accommodate your needs. Any special preferences in terms of flavor? Don’t forget to let us know about them!