Violet wedding cakes and cupcakes

Violet wedding cakes have always been favored by brides across the globe. If you want to order a violet wedding cake, our Team is delighted to offer you a wide selection of violet-hued custom cake designs. We can garnish your violet wedding dessert with floral cascades, magic Venetian masks, love bird toppers, ruffles or beads…

Our cake designers create something special for each our customer who is looking to get the most stunning wedding cake in NYC. We will be happy to make all your sweet dreams come true. Just let us know about your ideas! Make a consultation appointment with our managers and discuss the vision of your desserts with them.

Looking for one of the best cupcakes in New York City? Choose the violet ones. They look excellent in various color combinations, for example:

Planning your big day is complicated. Brides need to consider so many things: decide on the theme of the event, come up with the appropriate color scheme, or find a reputable event planner which is not so easy either… And an important part of each reception is, of course, a wedding cake!

Today many brides are willing to order a wedding cake along with a set of violet cupcakes. If you’re planning something similar, just contact our cake masters. We create sweet treats for many various types of dessert tables in New York City. At CupCakery you’ll get a sinfully beautiful and delicious violet wedding cake!

Violet birthday cakes: design ideas and decoration pictures

Buying a custom violet birthday cake at CupCakery is the most pleasant step you can ever take when planning your special event. If you’d like to get a fondant-free birthday cake or a wedding cake without fondant just browse our online gallery with hundreds of sweet violet cake designs.

Every birthday party is sweeter and more beautiful with a customized birthday cake hand-crafted by our bakers and designers. If you need a violet-colored masquerade themed cake or a cake with fun cake balls, request a quote now. We’ll construct, garnish and deliver your violet dessert right to your doorstep.  

We create various types of sweet artworks with violet design elements. Here are some of them:

You can order our desserts by phone or by visiting our studio. You’ll also get a cake with cake delivery in New York if you fill in the form here. If you are allergic to any ingredients, we’ll bake a dessert without them. Gluten-free cakes, vegan cakes and egg-free dessert options available!

Our bakers can design a brilliant violet cake for your party. We’ll find a perfect purple-colored and very delicious solution in any theme and style you like. We always add a personal touch to our sweet masterpieces. So your purple birthday cake will be one of the best in NYC!

Violet cookies, cake pops and macarons

Violet is a color for everyone. If you’re a fan of this hue, we can offer you hundreds of designs. Our violet sweet delights can be elegant, whimsical, extravagant, vintage or traditional… They are invariably delicious. Our delectables will be tailored to your unique needs.

We also offer ready-to-go sweet creations. If you want to enjoy something delicious right now, just visit our specialty cake shop to buy our violet cake pops and cookies. Need custom violet desserts? Discuss all your ideas with our pastry chefs by phone. We are always delighted to design, bake and decorate violet desserts for you!