Wedding cake tips and tricks

Some years ago wedding cakes were either beautiful but inedible, or tasted great but looked awkwardly… Today brides get the possibility to enjoy the whole package. So if you’re planning to order a wedding cake in New York, make sure the bakery you choose can offer you both stunning and delicious wedding treats.

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wedding cake tasting tips
wedding cake tips and tricks

Some more wedding cake tips and tricks from CupCakery below:

  • choose a cake that fits in with the style of your wedding: you want your special treat to be part of the reception, not a glaring sideshow
  • size it up: usually three tiered cakes serve 50 to 100 guests; for 150 guests or more you will most likely need a five-tiered cake; study our size & serving chart to quickly learn how many people our cakes feed
  • price it out: the more complicated the wedding cake, the higher the price tag
  • save your money: ask the decorator to make an elegant wedding cake with simple design; that way you will save money and still get a gorgeous treat
  • get Him involved: consider ordering the groom’s cake that would show off your man’s hobbies and passions
  • consider the drawbacks of ordering mini cakes: each cake requires its own intricate decoration, each will require its own box; since boxes don’t come in mini-cake sizes, the bakery must create individual packaging for these mini treats; although the mini- option seems great in theory, in practice it can turn out too expensive and time-consuming
wedding cake decorating tips

If you’re ordering cake delivery, keep in mind that it takes coordination. Wedding cakes with intricate décor may require time and space for on-site assembly. Refrigeration may also be essential. Read our FAQ or just give us a call for more details on cake delivery in New York.

Wedding cake tasting tips

Wedding cake tastings are held by the bakeries to let their clients sample exemplary cakes, ask questions, and study portfolios. It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know the bakers and decorators better and embrace their talents. We’ve prepared some useful wedding cake tasting tips for you.


Are you wondering if you should eat before your cake tasting? A good baker will ask you to come in hungry. Because a good baker is interested in making you stay.

Make sure you don’t go to more than one cake tasting in a day. Otherwise you won’t give each baker’s design ideas and special flavors a chance to sink in.


Usually five people maximum can come to your wedding cake tasting appointment.

Bring your fiancé to the tasting. These are wonderful moments to share together in planning your big day.

Wedding cake decorating tips

  • choose your favorite colors: note that colors that are too bold can stain your guests’ mouths or even worse, their clothes
  • buttercream or fondant: buttercream usually tastes better; however, if you’re in love with the amazing look of fondant as much as the CupCakery Team does, consider frosting the treat in butttercream first and then adding a layer of fondant over the entire creation
  • check the weather: if you’re having an outdoor reception in a hot climate, we recommend that you avoid buttercream, whipped cream, and meringue – because they melt; one of the great summer icing options is fondant – fondant-covered cakes don’t even need to be refrigerated
  • decide on the sugar decorations: if you decide to use real flowers on the cake, ask your decorator if they are pesticide free and non-poisonous
  • choose the topper: marzipan figurines, gingerbread cookies, icing ribbons, sugar flowers, your new monogram – anything that fits in with your taste and style