Christmas cheesecake NYC

Our passionate bakers create some of the best Christmas cheesecakes in New York. These sensationally smooth, creamy and festive-looking cake masterpieces are the great way to indulge post Christmas dinner. Whether you like the taste of a classic cheesecake or prefer lighter texture, our dessert masters know how to make your taste buds happy. We’ll also decorate your Christmas cheesecake beautifully…

Here are our customers’ top favorite Christmas cheesecake options:

  • red velvet cheesecake
  • chocolate peppermint cheesecake
  • eggnog cheesecake
  • Christmas candy cheesecake
  • dulce de leche cheesecake

Order Christmas cheesecake online

It’s perfect timing to start planning your Christmas party and looking for the right bakery to order your Christmas cake from.